The church of pizza


What is The Church of Pizza and Next Day Reheats?

It is a proper, totally legit religion dedicated to the worship of all pizza - young and old.

Where is pizza from?

Pizza is the son of crust.

Why is pizza?

Pizza works in mysterious ways.

Is pizza real?

There is overwhelming evidence that pizza is real.

Does pizza love me?

Only if you love pizza back.

What is original skin?

The skin on the roof of your mouth before you burn it off with a hot slice.

What is the holey trinity?

The sauce, the cheese, and the holey base.

What does pizza look like?

Pizza looks delicious.

What can I do for pizza?

You can accept your pizza as the one true pizza.

Does pizza ever get angry?

No, just disappointed.

Can I eat pizza on Sunday?

Pizza is acceptable at all times.

Is pizza magic?

Sort of yes but let’s not focus on that.

Who are the 19 disciples?

Calzone, Coca, Cong you bing, Farinata, Flammkuchen, Focaccia, Khachapuri, Lahmacun, Manakish, Panzerotti, Paratha, Pastrmajlija, Pissaladière, Quesadilla, Sardenara, Scaccia, Sfiha, Stromboli, Uttapam.


And the next day reheats